Accounting And Warehouse

Our online OR cloud-based accounting solutions software will support the financial functions of your company. whatever your company’s size, it will give you access to organize your financial functions and transactions with modules including accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, billing, and general ledger.

A focus on important businesses and performance data, enabling you to get a snapshot view of your business and dive into your most important data.
Easily add or remove the items available in the store and you can also import and export them as XML files.
Create Invoices, revenues, and customers where they can also check their balance through their client portal account​.
Check bills and payments for any vendor’s product or service
Integration with banks by using the account details, transferring money with different currencies, checking your transactions, and reconciliation is a process performed to ensure that your company bank records are also correct.
Check your expense summary, income summary, income vs expenses, profit and loss, and summary.
  • Company : Change company name, email, address, fax number, etc.
  • Localization: Set the fiscal year, time zone, date format, and more locals.
  • Invoice: Customize invoice prefix, number, terms, footer, etc.
  • Default: Default account, currency, the language of your company.
  • Email: Change the sending protocol and email templates
  • Scheduling: Automatic reminders and command for recurring
  • Categories: Unlimited categories for income, expense, and item
  • Currencies: Create and manage currencies and set their rates
  • Taxes: Fixed, normal, inclusive, and compound tax rates
  • PayPal Standard: Enable the standard payment option of PayPal
  • Inventory: Accounting and inventory management under one roof
  • Offline Payments: Create unlimited payment options for admin usage
Easily integrate different applications with your accounting system.
Customize the outcomes of the system regarding the start date and end date
Always be up to date through the push notifications.
We provide an unlimited number of languages
Credentials to be filled to access your account
Check status by using online, offline, away, sleep, and more.
Availablity on Mobile Application (Android/IOS)