This is a platform where anyone can enlist their products where buyers can find various types of products from multiple vendors, wholesalers, or retailers.

A combination of different shopping stores by creating an infinite range of online stores where you can also share your shopping cart between multiple stores.
Establish mutual trust and secure access between the parties in an e-commerce transaction by authenticating users, authorizing access, and enforcing security features.
This is where you analyze your store’s performance with reports that reveal product and customer trends. This is all included as a part of your monthly subscription where you can find great ways to increase your sales and make sure everything is on the right track. Also, this provides you with a comprehensive exploration into key findings from an individual's personality profile.
This is important as it will show you the site architecture based on your keyword research to find the types of keywords customers are searching/using.
Providing every seller who decides to sell their items/products on multiple online marketplaces rather than just their website.
A based on common characteristics so companies can market to each group effectively and appropriately. The company might segment customers according to a wide range of factors
This will ensure the quality of your product data across all sales channels. It includes how merchants organize, standardize, and publish their product data into each sales channel.
Every item will be categorized based on the brand or the type of item you need. For example, size/color/material/product/brand etc., so we could help customers narrow down their needs to a specific item.
At all times, customers can remove/add any item they want from their cart
This will be applied on the customers’ accounts to add further definition for special uses, such as marketing campaigns, or discounts.
There are different types of deliveries that have their own set of shipping methods that will be offered to the customer in the checkout.
Easy and simple to use, with multiple options for any product type that offers customers a choice of options.
Focusing on important businesses and performance data, enabling you to get a snapshot view of your business and dive into your most important data.
The page will provide you with a customisable view of all your orders on all sales channels. You can also view all orders within a given date range or use search and advanced search to filter specific types of orders. To do that, view the page from your seller’s account, click orders, and then click manage orders.
This will be the translation of your online profile, online store, products and graphics into the language of the country you plan to expand to. Taking into account the cultural and local habits of the population.
Providing you a financial service that allows your business to price goods and services in a variety of foreign currencies while continuing to receive settlement and reporting in their home currency.
This represents the process of interfering with every request to any services and data, maintained by the system and determining whether the requests should be granted or denied.
Sales tax is a small percentage of a sale tacked on to that sale by the online retailer. This means, customers will only pay sales tax on taxable items they’ll buy.
Taking good care of your sales pipeline will kick off your lead placements according to your plan.
A computer-generated code, consisting of letters or numbers that customers can enter into a promotional box on the site's shopping cart (or checkout page) to obtain a discount on the current purchase.
The protection of e-commerce assets from an unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction.
Providing you with important services, such as; Sales, Mobile users, Customer experience, Speed affects revenue, SEO, and Conversion.
Mobile Application (Android/IOS)